conde de mertola frederick von s wine grapes

Subsoil conditions, the Mediterranean climate, the complexity of the water and the irrigation system allow the cultivation of this vineyard of the grapes “trincadeira” and “aragonês”. Its grapes are gifted with an unusual quality.


Grapes Frederick Von S Conde de Mértola Wine

In this specific biological vineyard, vines are hand thinned, with no use of any fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other chemical agents.


This vineyard is annually fertilized with a particular local vegetation that balances the soil back to its ideal nitrogen concentration. These vines are manually harvested, and the grapes are chosen on site, transported with boxes no heavier than 15kg, in order to avoid crushing during transport.

At the moment of arrival at the winery, the grapes are yet again selected and then vinified . The vinification is conducted with a mild crushing and post-fermentation maceration, in accordance with biological production techniques. The hole fermentation process is constantly controlled by laboratory analysis.


This wine of high quality is only possible by the synergy between biological production of high quality grapes, and high-tech wine-making techniques .


In certain batches, the aging of the wine occurs in French oak barrels, for an even more exclusive and limited production.

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